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My same-gendered partner and I were married in another jurisdiction recognizing our marriage. How does this impact the manner in which we calculate our Ohio Small Business Investor Income Deduction on schedule A?

For taxable years beginning on or after Jan. 1, 2014, an individual taxpayer filing the Ohio form IT 1040 is allowed a deduction amounting to 75% of the taxpayer's Ohio small business investor income up to $250,000. The deduction cannot exceed $93,750 for each spouse filing separately or $187,500 for all other taxpayers.

Since Ohio does not recognize same-gender marriage, a person who has entered into such a marriage is viewed as a single individual in Ohio for purposes of this deduction. Therefore, such a person is subject to the $187,500 limitation. Further, the SBD on each partner’s IT 1040 should only reflect the amount of Ohio small business investor income that was received by that partner.