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Why was my Ohio withholding disallowed?

There could be several reasons why we disallowed the Ohio withholding amount in Box 17 of your W-2 that you claimed on your Ohio individual income tax return.

In some cases, your W-2's may have been missing or unreadable. They may have been altered in some way, or you may have claimed the federal or city withholding instead of the state withholding amount which is in Box 17. If we disallowed your Ohio withholding, you should have received a notice from us indicating our correction. Please compare this figure with your W-2's to make sure you listed the correct withholding amount on your return. If our adjustment resulted in a refund, you will receive your refund in 8-10 weeks. If our adjustment resulted in additional liability, you must make full payment within 30 days to avoid further late charges.