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When are payments and reports due?

The filing and payment of the Ohio corporation franchise tax for those entities still subject to the corporation franchise tax is due between Jan. 1 and March 31 of the tax year. However, if by Jan. 31 the taxpayer did not file the Ohio corporation franchise tax report and did not make full payment of the tax, then by Jan. 31 the taxpayer must file form FT 1120E, Declaration of Estimated Corporation Franchise Tax, and must pay 1/3 of the estimated tax, but not less than the minimum fee.

  • Extension (form FT 1120ER). The Tax Commissioner will grant an extension of time for filing the report until May 31st if by March 31st the taxpayer submits form FT 1120ER together with payment of the second 1/3 of the estimated tax due.
  • Additional Extension (form FT 1120EX). The Tax Commissioner will grant an additional extension of time for filing the report beyond May 31st if the corporation has been granted an extension by the Internal Revenue Service and by May 31 the taxpayer submits form FT 1120EX together with the balance of the tax due. The second extension extends the filing date to the 15th day of the month following the month for which the Internal Revenue Service has granted an extension for filing the corporation's federal income tax return. The taxpayer must attach a copy of the federal extension to the corporation franchise report, form FT 1120, when filed. Please note that the additional extension applies only to those taxpayers whose taxable year ends after July 31 (see table below).

If the due date of the report or the due date of an extension or payment falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, then the report, extension or payment may be made on the next succeeding day which is not a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday. If a franchise tax estimated payment or the franchise tax report is mailed on or before the due date but delivered after the due date, as extended, the postmark date is deemed the date of delivery. Certain large taxpayers must pay by electronic funds transfer.

The table below lists the latest possible due dates for filing the corporation franchise tax report for the various taxable year ends. The table assumes the following:

  • if the taxpayer's taxable year ended on or after Aug. 31, the taxpayer has the maximum allowable federal extension;
  • the taxpayer timely filed franchise tax forms FT 1120E, FT 1120ER, and where applicable, FT 1120EX; and
  • the taxpayer has timely made all estimated franchise tax payments.

Taxable Year Ending in 2012

Latest Possible Due Date for Filing the 2013 Franchise Tax Report

01/31/12 through 07/31/12













Note: Each member of a combined franchise tax report must file its own separate forms FT 1120E, FT 1120ER and FT 1120EX. Payment of all franchise tax is due by May 31st, even if the taxpayer has an extension to file after that date.

To download Ohio corporation franchise tax forms, visit our Tax Forms home page.