Motor Fuel Tax

Motor Fuel Dealers

Each month, the Ohio Department of Taxation publishes a list of motor fuel dealers as a service to dealers to assist them in completing their returns.

List of Motor Fuel Dealers

May, 2019 Excel PDF
April, 2019 Excel PDF
March, 2019 Excel PDF
February, 2019 Excel PDF
January, 2019 Excel PDF
December, 2018 Excel PDF
November, 2018 Excel PDF
October, 2018 Excel PDF
September, 2018 Excel PDF
August, 2018 Excel PDF
July, 2018 Excel PDF
June, 2018 Excel PDF

For more information on using this list, please contact the Excise & Energy Tax Division at the address and telephone number shown below:

Excise & Energy Tax Division
Motor Fuel Tax Unit
P.O. Box 530, Columbus, OH 43216-0530
General Information: (855) 466-3921
Fax Machine: (206) 350-6722