Information Release

XT 2013-01 - Excise, Motor Fuel and Public Utility Tax Division Information Release – IFTA Single Trip Permit - Issued January 2013


Effective January 14, 2013, the Ohio Department of Taxation will require any person/company that must possess a single trip permit for travel in and/or through the State of Ohio to obtain this permit through the use of the Ohio Business Gateway (OBG). The OBG  can be accessed at at any time for the customer’s convenience and can be used for a variety of services and transactions, not only for those with the Department.

This new process enables the Department to offer a higher level of customer service that is both cost effective and more efficient for the customer. The Department is implementing this process as part of its continuing effort to ensure that it correctly applies the Ohio Revised Code and the Ohio Administrative Code to existing and future processes.

In order to comply with this new process, the customer first will be required to create an account on the OBG. This step is necessary only if the customer does not have an OBG account. After creating the account, the customer can use it each time the customer needs to request, pay for, and print the single trip permit.  Please note that the customer is required to create an account on OBG only one time, and it is not necessary to create an account every time that the customer wants to request a permit.

If OBG is not accessible due to unforeseen circumstances during the Department’s normal business hours (8AM-5PM EST), the customer still can obtain a permit by calling the Department’s Excise & Energy Tax Division at (855) 466-3921. If OBG is not accessible outside of normal business hours, the customer can obtain the permit from an authorized single trip permit company.

According to Ohio law, the Department can authorize a single trip permit company to issue permits only outside of the Department’s normal business hours. Therefore, if a single trip permit company issues a permit, the company still is subject to the reporting requirements specified in the Ohio Administrative Code 5703-13-05.

Please contact the Excise and Energy Tax Division with any questions pertaining to this notice.


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