Information Release

XT 2003-03 - Excise And Motor Fuel Tax Division Information Release – Notice About Master Cigarette Settlement Agreement (MSA) - March 3, 2003


The Ohio Attorney General's Office filed complaints with the Franklin County (Ohio) Court of Common Pleas against several companies for failure to make payments to a qualified escrow account. The complaints seek preliminary and permanent injunctive relief ordering them not to sell cigarettes to consumers in Ohio either directly or through a distributor.

The companies are as follows:Intercontinental Pacific Manufacturing Company
Ranvir Bidi Works
(Gunvant Rai Harivallabh Jani Bidi (P) Ltd.)
PT Bentoel Prima

Any injunctions issued against these companies may prohibit the sale, but not the possession, of their products in the state of Ohio. Wholesalers, if necessary, may apply for a refund of the Ohio cigarette tax if the stamped packages are returned to the manufacturer in accordance with Ohio Administrative Rule 5703-15-15 or sold out-of-state after the Ohio stamps are removed from the package. We will notify you if any injunctions are issued.


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