Information Release

XT 2000-08 - Motor Fuel Tax Information Release - Filing Procedures For All Licensed Motor Fuel Dealers - September 8, 2000

The following recurring problems have been noted during our review of the monthly motor fuel tax returns and schedules. Please see that your future reports are properly completed to ensure their accuracy.

  • Schedule 3 (Form MF-2-1) must be subtotaled by the state of origin.
     Schedule 2 (Form MF-2-1) and schedule 6 (MF-2-2) must each be subtotaled by dealer.
     Schedule 7 (Form MF-2-2) must be submitted in duplicate for each state of exportation.
  • Schedules 5, 10 and 10B (Form MF-2-2) must be subtotaled by customer.

If you have any questions about the filing of your returns, please contact the Motor Fuel Tax Compliance Unit at (855) 466-3921.