Information Release

XT 2000-01 - Cigarette Tax Information Release - Indicia Purchases On Credit Or All Stamping Cigarette Wholesale Dealers - April 7, 2000

On July 22, 1994 authority was granted to wholesale cigarette dealers to purchase cigarette tax indicia on credit provided a surety bond was filed with this office. This authority is granted for all purchases made on or before April 30th. All orders made during May and June of 2000 must be accompanied by payment.

Beginning July 1, 2000 credit purchases will again be allowed. Credit purchases can be made from July 1, 2000 through April 30, 2001. Cash purchases will again be required for May and June of 2001.

If you have any questions, please contact this office at:

Ohio Department of Taxation
Excise Tax & Assessment Section
P.O. Box 530
Columbus, Ohio 43216-0530
Phone: (855) 466-3921
Fax: (206) 350-6722