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September 16, 2008 - Tax Commissioner Responds to Windstorm by Extending Tax Deadlines

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio Tax Commissioner Richard A. Levin announced today that he is
granting extensions to individuals and business taxpayers who have tax returns or bills
due this week.

The extension is a response to the massive power outages caused by the remnants of
Hurricane Ike, which swept through Ohio on Sunday. As a result of the commissioner’s
decision, any Ohio tax payment, report or return due this week may be filed on or before
Monday, Sept. 22 without penalty.

“An enormous number of taxpayers are still without power, and that is obviously causing
some real difficulty,” Levin said today.

The deadline extension – authorized by the tax commissioner per section 5703.35 of the
Ohio Revised Code – means that no penalties will be imposed for the late payment or
filing of a return or report. However, by law, interest on late payments cannot be

Examples of taxes that the deadline extension applies to include employer withholding
payments and estimated state income tax payments. It also applies to all billing notices
mailed by the department that set a deadline for this week.

Individuals and businesses who qualify for the extension do not have to file any special
form. They may simply write or type, in bold letters, “Disaster Relief” across the top
of a payment check, return or report at the time it is filed. The Ohio Department of
Taxation will credit tax accounts accordingly.

Today’s extension does not apply to payments and returns due on or after Sept. 23, such
as the sales and use tax payments and returns due on that day.

Levin said the Department of Taxation will continue to monitor the situation, including
the progress made by utility companies in restoring power throughout Ohio.

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