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Department of Taxation Suspends Requirements in Wake of National Tragedy

COLUMBUS (September 13, 2001) — Governor Bob Taft today announced that the Ohio Department of Taxation has suspended tax-filing requirements for businesses and individuals impacted by Tuesday’s terrorist attacks.

"Ohio will continue to do whatever it can to assist the victims of this national tragedy," said Taft. "This is a time when compassion takes precedent over many aspects of our lives."

Ohio has several hundred business taxpayers in the New York and Washington areas.

Businesses and individuals unable to access tax records are eligible for a 60-day extension of the normal filing deadlines for various taxes. Filing due dates are pushed back two weeks to October 1, 2001 for individuals who make estimated tax payments if they were stuck away from home because of suspended air travel.

The Department of Taxation is also relaxing sales tax rules for non-Ohio businesses. Normally sales tax returns and payments must be received by the 23rd of the month. This month, the department will accept as timely any return postmarked by the 23rd and showing a non-Ohio address.

Auditing and billing in the disaster areas is being suspended for at least 60 days.

Affected businesses and individuals are being asked to contact The Department of Taxation and request an extension. Further information is available toll-free at 1-888-405-4039.

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Contact: Gary Gudmundson, Department of Taxation, at 614-644-6903; or Joe Andrews, Governor’s Office, at 614-644-0957.