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August 5, 2005 - Ohio Business Gateway: An Easy Way for Businesses to Meet Registration and Tax Obligations

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio business taxpayers can now obtain commercial activity tax, sales tax and withholding registrations and licenses within a matter of minutes by applying for them through the Ohio Business Gateway (OBG).

The availability of the commercial activity tax (CAT) registration, operational as of July 1, 2005, provides businesses a simple and effective way to meet the CAT registration deadline of November 15, 2005. 

OBG is a collaborative initiative of state and local government agencies and an important part of Ohio's digital government strategy. OBG's "Electronic Filing Services" offer Ohio's businesses a time- and money-saving online filing and payment system that helps simplify business' relationship with government agencies.

Ohio businesses can use OBG to submit selected filings, registrations, and payments with the state's Department of Taxation, Bureau of Workers' Compensation, Department of Job and Family Services, and Department of Commerce. OBG also partners with local governments to enable businesses to file and pay selected Ohio municipal income taxes.

To use OBG, simply log on to Taxpayers can then apply for the following business tax registrations/licenses administered by the Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT):

  • Commercial Activity Tax ($15)
  • Ohio Employer Withholding (No Fee)
  • Ohio School District Employer Withholding (No Fee)
  • Regular (County) Sales Tax Vendor License ($25)
  • Delivery Sales Tax Vendor License ($25)
  • Transient Sales Tax Vendor License ($25)
  • Service Sales Tax Vendor License ($25)
  • Consumer’s Use Tax Registration (No Fee)
  • Out-of-State Seller’s Use Tax Registration (No Fee)


The taxpayer will then complete the online registration form, make any payments needed via Automated Clearing House (ACH) and immediately print the license/registration number and confirmations.

To register for any other tax types administered by ODT, please contact the department at 1-888-405-4039.

Applications that require a fee must include payment at the time of the registration process so a registration/license can be issued. The fee must be paid by ACH, which requires an account number and routing number from the applicant’s checking or savings account. Credit cards are currently not accepted for registration.

Taxpayers will also need the following information to complete tax registrations:

  • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), if applicable. To apply for a FEIN, go to
  • Social Security number (sole proprietors only).
  • Legal name and business name (Doing Business As, or DBA), if applicable.
  • Primary address, business location address (Ohio only) and mailing address (if different than primary).
  • NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) Code. Use the NAICS drop-down menu in the registration application to obtain the correct code.
  • Names, addresses and social security numbers of the officers, partners or members.
  • E-mail address, name and telephone number of contact person.

A printer is also necessary to print a license and confirmation. The license printed at the end of the transaction is an official license. Taxpayers can also return to OBG to print the license at a later date. A confirmation number and license/registration number will be issued upon completion of the application. This number will serve as an official acknowledgement that an application has been received by ODT. The registration/license number will be valid after the transaction is complete.

When registration is complete and a registration account number is obtained, taxpayers will have the ability to immediately file and make payments to ODT for the following taxes:

  •   Employer Withholding Tax Reports (IT-501, IT-941, and IT-942)
  •   Employer School District Withholding Tax Reports (SD-101 and SD-141)
  •   State, County, and Transit Sales Tax Returns (ST-10 and UST-1)
  •   Accelerated Sales Tax Payments
  •   Sales and Employer Withholding Billing Notices
  •   Commercial Activity Tax (after January 1, 2006)


ODT is ready to help interested taxpayers by offering several resources where answers are available to Ohio tax questions. The ODT website ( contains information on all taxes administered by ODT as well as contact information for the department.

For additional OBG information, visit the help and support section of OBG’s web site at or call 1-866-OHIO-GOV.

For more information, contact Gary Gudmundson, ODT Communications Director, or Mike McKinney, Public Information Officer, at (614)644-6896.