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April 19, 2006 - Ohio Department of Taxation Reports Final Results of Successful 2006 Tax Amnesty Program, Recovering More Than $66 Million in Delinquent Taxes

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Ohio Department of Taxation collected approximately $66.7 million in delinquent taxes previously owed to the State, which is more than six and one half times the initial goal set, through the six-week 2006 Ohio Tax Amnesty Program. 

From January 1 through February 15, 2006, the Department offered “amnesty” to eligible taxpayers – individuals and businesses that had unreported or underreported tax delinquencies. For six weeks, taxpayers were able to submit payments for qualifying tax delinquencies with no penalties and one-half of the interest charges.

An informational web site and toll-free phone line were created to help taxpayers, and more than 12,800 phone calls were taken on the amnesty helpline and nearly 29,000 visits were made to the web site. 

The Department received more than 4,700 amnesty applications, with a total of approximately 20,000 tax returns. Breakdown by taxes include:

  • Employer Withholding Tax – $2,200,000
  • Sales & Use Tax – $20,360,000 
  • Corporate Franchise Tax – $17,775,000
  • Individual Income Tax – $21,100,000
  • Pass-Through Entity Tax – $475,000
  • Personal Property Tax – $4,000,000
  • School District Income Tax – $755,000
  • Employer School District Withholding Tax – $35,000

Of the $66.7 million collected, approximately $6.5 million was not eligible for amnesty because the applications did not meet qualification requirements. The 2006 Ohio Tax Amnesty Program was part of the historic tax reforms passed into law last year. 


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For more information, contact Gary Gudmundson, ODT Communications Director, at (614)644-6903.