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March 29, 2001  -  Columbus, Ohio  -  No Fuss Forms

The Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) is offering taxpayers an opportunity to end an era. The days of hunting for a typewriter and pecking away on a tax form can be history. The times of taxing handwriting skills with decipherable digits can be filed away.

"Fill-in" tax forms are here. See them at the ODT web site:

The new forms work as implied: taxpayers "fill-in" the form(s) on their computer, print off a pristine copy and mail it in to ODT. There are nine forms available now for individual income and business taxes. More are on the way."

This is just one of our continuing efforts to make our web site a resource for taxpayers, and our services in general, more convenient and user friendly," said Thomas Zaino, the Ohio Tax Commissioner.

Available fill-in forms are: IT-1040, Ohio Income Tax Return for Filing Year 2000; IT-1040 EZ, Ohio Income Tax Return for Filing Year 2000; FT-REF, Application for Corporation Franchise Tax Refund; FT-PR, Petition for Reassessment, Corporation Franchise Tax; IT-AR, Application for Personal Income Tax Refund; IT-PR, Petition for Reassessment, Sales Tax; WT-AR, Application for Income Tax Withholding Refund; and WT-PR, Petition for Reassessment, Withholding Tax.

Instructions on the web site and the forms themselves guide taxpayers through from beginning to end. It's recommended (but not required) that taxpayers use the peel-off label provided with the income tax booklet to speed up processing of the return.

The "fill-in" forms can't be e-mailed to ODT or filed on-line yet, but that (electronic) era's fast approaching.

For more information contact:

Gary Gudmundson, Communications Director
Ohio Department of Taxation
(614) 644-6903