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February 4, 2002  -  Columbus, Ohio  - Governor Extends Tax Deadlines For U.S. Troops Overseas
Ohioans in Afghanistan Combat Zone to Get More Time for Filing

COLUMBUS – Governor Bob Taft and Ohio Tax Commissioner Thomas M. Zaino today announced Ohio will extend state tax deadlines and waive some penalties to residents who serve in the Afghanistan combat zone that are similar to tax benefits and extensions available from the federal government.

Americans serving in Afghanistan will receive federal tax benefits and extensions because of President George Bush’s designating that country a combat zone. “

Ohio does not have the exact same tax laws as the federal government, but Ohio law does allow us to extend consideration for these combat circumstances,” Zaino said.

As a result of the combat zone designation, Zaino said:

* Estimated income tax payments, income tax return payments and income tax return filings will be extended for 180 days beyond the period of service in a combat zone. If warranted, that 180 days can be extended further to include time in missing-in-action status, time in continuous hospitalization outside the U.S. and up to five years of hospitalization within the U.S. resulting from injuries received in a combat zone.

* As Ohio Tax Commissioner he can and has waived all related interest penalties, failure-to-pay penalties and failure-to-file penalties otherwise due and/or for the suspension period.

Persons who believe they qualify for these special combat zone tax benefits and extensions are urged to get more information at the Ohio Department of Taxation web site:

Information may also be obtained by calling 1-800-282-1780 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.