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February 1, 2007 - Ohio Department of Taxation Informs Retailers of New Cuyahoga County Cigarette Tax

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Effective today, cigarette smokers in Cuyahoga County will pay 30 cents more tax per pack due to the voter-approved tax to fund arts and cultural facilities and programs.

Agents from the Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) are visiting cigarette retailers throughout the county this week to remind vendors of the change and the requirement to file a floor stock tax return. Returns are due March 5.

ODT agents are also conducting inspections of compliance with current tobacco tax laws and issuing citations for violations. So far, several of the retailers visited were cited for not having a current license to sell cigarettes. These retailers face a minor misdemeanor and a possible $100 fine.   

Last week, ODT mailed a packet to licensed cigarette retailers in the county with information about the tax as well as a pre-printed floor stock tax return. The packets were sent to the 1,614 retail cigarette vendors licensed by Cuyahoga County.

The floor stock tax, which is the difference between the old county cigarette rate of 4.5 cents per pack and the new rate, is paid on all cigarettes held in inventory at the close of business on January 31. Payment is due when the return is filed. Non-filers can be penalized up to 30 percent of the estimated tax.  

The additional cigarette excise tax was passed by Cuyahoga County voters on November 7, 2006. The 30 cents per pack tax is in addition to the Ohio cigarette tax of $1.25 per pack of 20 and a 4.5 cents per pack excise tax that was already in effect in Cuyahoga County prior to February 1.    

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(For additional information, contact Gary Gudmundson, Communications Director, at (614) 644-6903 or Mike McKinney, Public Information Officer, at 614-466-5461.)