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January 17, 2002  -  Columbus, Ohio  - Ohio Tax Amnesty Program Counts Success

COLUMBUS  – Ohio Tax Commissioner Thomas M. Zaino today called the estimated $22.2 million collected in the state’s first ever Tax Amnesty Program a victory for Ohio taxpayers and for state and local governments.

The tax amnesty program ended Tuesday, January 15th with the Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) reporting an end-of-day, preliminary total of $22,233,913. That figure does not include money collected this week at regional Taxpayer Service Centers or amnesty payments still in the mail. ODT estimated that amnesty would generate $17 million and another $5 million annually in years to come from newly enrolled taxpayers.

"I want to thank all those who came forward to take advantage of this program," Zaino said. "The money they paid already was due and owing, and it will strengthen the many state and local government services we all benefit from. And, it will do it without raising taxes for the rest of us who pay our taxes when we’re supposed to."

The tax amnesty program started Oct. 15. It was offered for individual income, sales, personal property, school district income, school district withholding, corporate franchise, employer withholding, pass-through entity, public utility excise and sales and use tax. Amnesty also was only available to taxes owed on or before May 1, 2001 and to taxpayers whose liabilities were unknown to the Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT).

Final numbers were still being tabulated by the ODT, which conducted the program, but Zaino said he expects most of the revenue collected will come from the individual income tax, followed by sales tax. Zaino encouraged those who missed the tax amnesty program but still have state tax problems to go ahead and contact the ODT for help in getting those problems resolved. "Tax problems do not go away," he said. "They can just get worse. We can’t give amnesty anymore, but we will work with taxpayers with problems."


Contact: Gary Gudmundson, Ohio Department of Taxation, (614) 644-6903.