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January 09, 2004  -  EMPLOYER ALERT: Richmond Heights Withholding Tax Correction

COLUMBUS (January 09, 2004) 

The Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) today is alerting employers with workers living in the Richmond Heights School District (Cuyahoga County) that there is no school district income tax in affect in that district, so there should be no tax withheld for that purpose.

Taxation officials were notified this week (1/5/04) that the reporting of election results of a tax issue involving the Richmond Heights School District was incorrect.

ODT received information that Richmond Heights voters had approved a school district income tax. Voters instead had approved a property tax. The department had subsequently published that incorrect information on its web site in December, along with accurate information on all the other school districts with an income tax. Employers use that web data to adjust payroll systems to withhold the tax from employee wages.

ODT now has the correct information on its web site ( and has revised school district income tax withholding notices being mailed out to employers next week.

Interim Tax Commissioner Pat McAndrew said with the annual mailing of employer withholding forms, all employers will receive accurate information, "Regrettably, this mix-up in election reporting is causing inconvenience for some employers and inappropriate withholding of school district income tax. I’m confident that employees who had tax wrongly withheld, will get their money back." McAndrew says ODT is advising employers who have withheld tax but not remitted it, to adjust subsequent paychecks to make-up for the withholding. If employers have already sent the tax to ODT, they are being asked to call the department at (614) 433-7602 and ask for Jim Baumann, Administrator, Income/Corporation Franchise Tax Division.

The Richmond Heights School District has about six thousand residents who potentially may have had tax withheld, but ODT officials think the number of workers effected will be much smaller because it’s early in the year.

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(For more information, contact Gary Gudmundson, ODT Communications Director, at 614/644-6903.)