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Rhodes State Office Tower walk-in assistance  


October 9, 2012 

Ohio Business Gateway Enhancements and Disclosure Reminder

  HTML March 2009

Automated Compliance Program Penalties

July 2006 HTML June 2006

Ohio Budget Bill (Fiscal Years 2006-07); Major Ohio Tax Law Changes

  PDF June 22, 2005

Modified Appeal Procedures - Corrected Assessments

  HTML December 16, 2002

Use and List of Authorized Delivery Services

  HTML April 2, 2001

Sixty-Day Appeal Periods

  HTML September 29, 2000

Authorized Delivery Services

April 2001 HTML September 29, 2000


  HTML September 29, 2000

Archive of Superseded General Releases

The Information Releases contained in this archive have been superseded by later releases. They are archived here for historical/reference purposes ONLY.

Automated Compliance Program Penalties        June 2006

Authorized Delivery Services

  HTML September 29, 2000

OHTAX-ALERT - ODT E-Mail Communication Channel of Pertinent Tax Information

  HTML November 2005

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