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CAT 2006-01 - Applicable Excise Tax Rates for Purposes of the Commercial Activity Tax - Issued January, 2006

The purpose of this release is to provide taxpayers with the effective excise tax rates for purposes of the commercial activity tax (“CAT”). The rates below are the most current rates known to the Department as of January, 2006. Taxpayers are advised to verify the rates before relying on this release in order to compute any exclusions from their taxable gross receipts pursuant to divisions (F)(2)(q), (F)(2)(r), and (F)(2)(s) of section 5751.01 of the Revised Code.






Cigarettes (Pack of 20 )




Cigarettes (Pack of 25)




Other Tobacco Products (in pounds)


17% of the wholesaler’s price **


Beer (in gallons)




Wine greater than 1/2%, but less than 14% alcohol (in gallons)




Wine greater than 14%, but less than 21% alcohol (in gallons)




Vermouth less than 21% alcohol (in gallons)




Mixed Beverages with less than 21% alcohol (in gallons)




Apple Cider with greater than 1/2%, but less than 6% alcohol (in gallons)




Naturally Sparking with less than 21% alcohol (in gallons)




Artificially Carbonated




Wine with greater than 21%, but less than 24% alcohol (in gallons)




Hard Liquor (in gallons)




Motor Fuel – (in gallons)




Motor Fuel – Gasoline (in gallons)




* For the federal excise tax rates on these or any of the above products, please consult the website of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and Explosives at

** As a safe harbor, retailers who wish to exclude the portion of excise taxes paid on other tobacco products, but do not know the price the wholesaler paid for the products may calculate this exclusion by taking eighty per cent of the price paid to the wholesaler for the purchase of the other tobacco products, multiplied by seventeen per cent. It is important to note that, in determining this exclusion, retailers must base their calculation on their purchase price from the wholesaler, and not their selling price to the consumer or another retailer.