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What is Consumer's Use Tax?

Consumer’s use tax must be paid on all taxable purchases of tangible personal property or services used, stored or otherwise consumed in Ohio unless Ohio sales tax has been paid to a vendor or the tax has been properly paid to another state.  In general, if you have paid Ohio sales tax on the purchase of tangible personal property or a taxable service, you do not owe consumer’s use tax on that transaction. Examples of tangible personal property subject to use tax are computer equipment, printers, fax machines, office supplies (paper, envelopes, folders, pens, paper clips, etc.), furniture and cleaning supplies (mops, brooms, cleaners, paper towels, etc.).  Consumer’s use tax is also due on the use of taxable services in Ohio.  Examples of taxable services include, but are not limited to, installation, repair, employment services (temporary labor), automatic data processing, janitorial and maintenance services, storage services and maintenance contracts.  The Ohio Department of Taxation (“ODT”) has developed a series of fact sheets to further explain use tax and how use tax commonly applies to certain types of businesses such as construction contractors, manufacturing, retail and service-related enterprises. The fact sheets can be found in the Use Tax Publications box at the following link.

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