Student Tax Education Program - Income Tax

Filing Requirements & Forms?

Other key points for filing:

If you are required to file a tax return for the State of Ohio, you also may be required to file a School District Income Tax return if you live in a taxing district. This form is called the SD-100 and may be found on our website for print or filed online using I-File.

To see if you live in a taxing school district, you can visit The Finder. Type in the address where you lived during that tax year and our system will tell you what school district you lived in, what the school district ID number is, and what the tax rate is.

You will need to file multiple school district tax returns if you moved during the tax year from one taxing district to another. If you moved during the tax year, be sure to check the school district for each address where you lived. These would be filed as part-year resident returns.