Student Tax Education Program - Income Tax

Filing Requirements & Forms?

Documents I use when filing my return:

Use your W-2 form(s) sent by your employer(s) or 1099 if you are self-employed. See Topic #5 for more information on these documents.

If you are filing a paper return, you will need to mail in a copy of the IT-1040. Click on the form name and you will be taken to a printable copy of this form. Instructions are available for viewing and printing as well. Keep in mind, the instructions will be a lengthy document to print.

You can also file your return electronically. We encourage you to use our free and secure website tool called I-File. Instructions are provided as you go and  may reduce the processing time for your return. This means you will receive your refund faster. You are also eligible to have your refund directly deposited to your bank account, which means less time waiting for your money!