Municipal Net Profit Tax


What is the state-administered municipal net profit tax?How will the state-administered municipal net profit tax work?How can I contact the Department of Taxation with questions about the municipal net profit tax?Who can opt-in for the state-administered municipal net profit tax?What is the first tax year I can opt-in for the state-administered municipal net profit tax?How can I opt-in for the state-administered municipal net profit tax?How do I register with the Department of Taxation?I registered for the municipal net profit tax, what is my account number and when will I receive a registration confirmation?How much does it cost to register with the Department of Taxation?What identification number do I use if I do not have a FEIN?How do I notify a municipal corporation that my business opted-in with the state?How long am I bound by an election to opt-in?Can I opt-in with the state to file a return for some municipal corporations and continue to file directly with the city for other municipal corporations?How do I determine the municipal corporation in which my business is located?What are the due dates of estimated payments?What are the due dates of estimated payments if I have a short taxable year?What is the minimum amount of tax due that may require an estimated payment?Do I have to make a payment when I file my tax return?How do I file and pay?When is the return due?Can I request an extension for filing my municipal net profit tax return?Can I file a consolidated net profit tax return?If I elected to file a consolidated return in a municipal corporation prior to opting-in with the Department, must I continue to file a consolidated tax return? Can I file a consolidated tax return in one municipal corporation and on a separate basis in another municipal corporation? What is apportionment?How do I request alternative apportionment?What if I have a special filing agreement with a municipal corporation?I am a tax preparer and several of my clients have opted-in. Will I be able to upload their tax returns directly from the tax package I use, or will I need to key the information into the Gateway?What is a JEDD or JEDZ?What do I do if I change my taxable year?What if I am a new business?What if I begin doing business in a new municipal corporation in the middle of the year?How do I request a refund?What will happen to my credit carry forward from my last return filed with the municipal corporation?What if my payment is late?How long must I maintain my tax records before they can be destroyed?What is an assessment?How long do I have to pay an assessment?How do I contest an assessment?If I file an appeal, must I drive to Columbus for the hearing?If I opt-in for the state-administered municipal net profit tax, will I still be required to comply with requests for information and pay bills and assessments issued by municipal corporations or third-party administrators?Will the Department offer a voluntary disclosure program for the municipal net profit tax? Under Am. Sub. H.B. 49, what responsibilities do municipal corporations have related to the state-administered municipal net profit tax?Who can opt-in for administration by the Department of Taxation and what taxes does it apply to?How will JEDD and JEDZ addresses be supported by the Finder?How do I certify the tax rate and provide contact information for my municipal corporation?How can I confirm that the correct contact information and/or correct tax rate has been submitted to the Department of Taxation?How do I update the contact information and/or tax rate that has been submitted to the Department of Taxation?What should a municipality, JEDD, or JEDZ do if they have not filed the required information with the Department? What information are municipalities required to submit to the Department regarding tax credits?Are JEDDs and JEDZs required to provide information to the Department?Do I need to send the Department a copy of the ordinance/resolution passed by a municipality in accordance with Sec.803.100(B) in HB 49?What happens if funds are received for a municipality that has not passed an ordinance accepting the new sections of Chapter 718 of the Ohio Revised Code?Does a taxpayer have to opt-in with the Department each year?Is the Department of Taxation allowing taxpayers to opt-in after the deadline?What methods of notification are available to taxpayers for notifying municipalities of their opt-in with the Department?When should businesses notify municipalities that they opted-in with the Department?What happens if a municipality does not receive opt-in notification from the taxpayer or it is received after the first day of the third month of the taxpayer's taxable year?Does a municipality need to do anything with the municipality notification forms they receive from taxpayers?Do municipalities need to provide the taxpayer information outlined in R.C. 718.80(C)(2) every year?How do I submit the MNP-TTI - Municipal Net Profit Tax Transfer of Taxpayer Information Form?If a taxpayer provides an opt-in notification to a municipality for which it does not have a filing requirement, how should the municipality respond to the Department?What information should municipalities provide to the Department if the taxpayer has not yet filed their 2017 return?When does a municipality have to respond with taxpayer information if they do not receive notification from a taxpayer, but the taxpayer is listed on the opt-in report provided by the Department? Will there be any penalties to the municipality?What should a municipality do if the taxpayer information they supplied to the Department changes due to changes made to prior year returns?If a municipality fails to comply with the reporting requirements in 718.80 and the Department withholds fifty-percent from the amount of payment due to the municipality, when will the municipality be made whole?Does the Gateway differ for taxpayers filing with the Department versus those filing with the municipalities?Should taxpayers who have opted-in with the Department continue to make payments to third party administrators?Will the Department charge a penalty for failure to file and/or remit taxes?If a taxpayer opts-in with the Department for a taxable year, but makes an estimated payment for that taxable year to the municipality, how should the municipality handle the payment?How will the Department handle payments made by a taxpayer for years prior to opt-in?How will municipalities receive their distributions?Can the Department provide municipal net profit tax distributions to third party administrators?What state fund is used to account for municipal net profit taxes?Will municipalities earn interest on the net profit tax revenue?Will reports go to the municipality or third-party administrators?What information is provided in the semi-annual report provided to the municipalities?Is the opt-in report available online?Will municipalities receive copies of the returns filed with the Department?How much will the Department charge for administering the municipal net profit tax on behalf of my municipal corporation?What service is the Department providing for the 0.5% administrative fee?When the Department deducts the fee, do you show who the deduction gets applied to?Does the taxpayer pay the administrative fee in addition to the tax?What can I do if my municipal corporation is party to a tax-sharing agreement?Who do municipalities refer opt-in taxpayers to that need help with the municipal net profit tax?How will the Department identify new taxpayers that should be filing a net profit return?What is the Department's process for collecting delinquent payments?How does the municipality inform the Department of delinquent accounts?What if a municipality is in possession of information that may result in additional tax liability?How many staff members does the Department have dedicated to the review and accumulation of data and distribution reports?How can I stay informed about updates pertaining to the municipal net profit tax?Can I request an overpayment be carried forward to the following taxable year?What is required for filing a successful declaration of estimated payments?What is required for filing a successful annual tax return?