Appearance of Refund Checks

Sometimes, taxpayers express curiosity or even surprise at the appearance of paper checks issued by the State of Ohio. This page is designed to answer some of the more common questions posed about them.

State government's current check format first appeared on July 1, 2007. Many Ohio taxpayers encountered it for the first time the following year when they received an income tax refund after filing a tax return for the 2007 taxable year.

The new format was part of a larger plan to make state operations more efficient through implementation of a new computer system called the Ohio Administrative Knowledge System (OAKS). OAKS integrates data from the state’s human resources, accounting, purchasing and fixed asset management system.


Along with the change in design came a change in the responsibility for issuing state checks, which shifted from the Ohio Auditor’s office to the Director of the Office of Budget and Management. As a result, the checks now bear the name of the state agency making the payment and the signature of the director of the Office of Budget and Management rather than the Auditor of State.

Examples of the checks – technically known as "warrants" – that have been issued by state government since mid-2007 are below. In addition, a few more changes in design were implemented beginning 2012. The illustrations show the front, back and remittance information (check stub) of the warrant for 2007 through 2011, 2012 through June 2016, and July 2016 going forward.

Warrant Illustrations July 2016 – Forward

New Warrant



Warrant Illustrations 2012 - June 2016

New Warrant

New Warrant Back

Remittance Information

Warrant Illustrations 2007-2011