Identity Theft FAQ's

What should individuals do if they have experienced tax-related identify theft?

If you are a victim of tax-related identity theft, you should report it to the Department of Taxation via the Identity Theft Affidavit, Ohio form IT TA. If you do not have an Ohio income tax filing requirement, send the form by either:

  • Mail:
    Ohio Department of Taxation
    Manual Review Unit
    P.O. Box 182847
    Columbus, OH 43218-2847
  • Fax: (253) 234-1371

If you are required to file an Ohio income tax return (IT 1040), you should instead include the affidavit with your tax return. You must file a paper return, including all applicable schedules and income statements (such as W-2’s, 1099’s, etc.). Send your return with the affidavit to the appropriate address shown on the return.

Please keep a copy of all documentation submitted to us for your records.

See the FAQ “Where can I find information on identity theft?” for additional resources.