Identity Theft FAQ's

What should employers or tax professionals do if they are affected by a data breach?

Whether you are an employer or tax professional, it is your responsibility to notify all appropriate parties when you are affected by a data breach. You should notify your employees and/or clients, as appropriate, of the data breach and follow the guidance in the FAQ “What should individuals do if they have experienced tax-related identity theft?” on their behalf.

Additionally, you should also report the data breach to the following parties:

  • Ohio Department of Taxation via 1-800-282-1780 (1-800-750-0750 for the hearing impaired)
  • State Taxation Authority via email to
  • Ohio Attorney General's Office via 1-800-282-0515
  • Your local police department

When reporting a data breach, please be prepared to provide the company name and tax identification number (FEIN or PTIN), contact information, and a summary of the events.