Fighting Identity Theft & Income Tax Fraud

What should I do if I received an identity confirmation quiz letter, but I DID NOT file an Ohio income tax return?

You received an identity confirmation quiz letter because an Ohio income tax return was filed using your SSN. You should check with your spouse or tax preparer to ensure an Ohio return was not legitimately filed on your behalf.

If you are sure that the return was not filed by you, your spouse, or your tax preparer, you may be a victim of tax-related identity theft. To confirm the return is suspect:

  1. Go to the Department’s Identity Confirmation page;
  2. Select the following option:Warning Icon
  3.  Check the “I Agree” box and enter the Reference Number and Authorization Code shown on your letter;
  4. Correctly respond to the Verification Question;
  5. Click the Next button at the lower right portion of the screen.

See the FAQ category, “Income – Identity Theft” for more information on identity theft.

If you determine that the return was legitimately filed on your behalf, you should take the identity confirmation quiz. See the FAQ ”How do I take the identity confirmation quiz?” for more information.