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NumberTax YearForm TitleRevisedVersion
KWH 2AllElectric Distribution Company Tax Return
PDF Fill-in
KWH 2AAllElectric Distribution Company Schedule of Self-Assessing Purchasers
PDF Fill-in
KWH 2BAllInstructions for Completing Electric Distribution Company Tax Return (KWH-2) and Schedule of Self-Assessing Purchasers (KWH-2A)
KWH 3AllApplication for Self-Assessing Purchaser
PDF Fill-in
KWH 4AllSelf-Assessing Purchaser Tax Return
PDF Fill-in
KWH 7AllApplication for Refund of Kilowatt and Natural Gas Taxes

Top Individuals Forms

Instructions for IT 1040 and SD 100


Individual Income and School District Income Tax Publication - 2017

IT 10 2017 Ohio Income Tax Information Notice
IT 1040 2017 Ohio Individual Income Tax Return / Amended Individual Income Tax Return
IT 40P
2017 Income Tax Payment Voucher
IT 1040ES 2018 Individual Estimated Income Tax Voucher
SD 100 2017 Ohio School District Income Tax Return / Amended School District Income Tax Return
SD 40P 2017 School District Income Tax Payment Voucher
SD 100ES 2018 School District Estimated Income Tax Voucher
Seller Questionnaire   Seller Motor Vehicle Questionnaire (Casual Sale)
Buyer Questionnaire   Buyer Motor Vehicle Questionnaire (Casual Sale)
Top Business Forms
Employer Letter 2018 Expirations, New School Districts, Renewals and Rate Changes Effective 1/1/2018
IT 1041 2017 Fiduciary Income Tax Return
IT 1140 2017 Pass-Through Entity and Trust Withholding Tax Return
IT 3 2017 Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements
IT 4708 2017 Composite Income Tax Return for Certain Investors in a Pass-Through Entity  



2018 File returns and make payments for multiple clients under one registration
Farm Use Questionnaire   Farm Use Questionnaire
Transportation Questionnaire   Transportation for Hire Questionnaire

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