Business Income Deduction FAQs

What is the Business Income Deduction (BID)?Who is eligible to claim the Business Income Deduction?What is business vs. nonbusiness income? How can a taxpayer determine what income qualifies for the Business Income Deduction? What are some examples of business income vs. nonbusiness income? How do I determine if my compensation or guaranteed payment is business income? Do taxpayers need to complete a separate IT BUS for each source of business income? Can I simply report amounts from federal Schedules B,C,D,E and F on the IT BUS? Should business losses be included in the calculation of my business income on the IT BUS?Should I include federal "above the line" deductions taken on the Federal 1040 (e.g. self-employed health insurance or retirement contributions) or Ohio Schedule A adjustments (e.g. bonus depreciation addback or deduction) on the IT BUS?How should I complete Part 4 of the IT BUS? If I report my wages on federal Schedule C, are they eligible for the Business Income Deduction?Are rents/royalties received from the use of land for mineral rights eligible for the Business Income Deduction? Does the sale of an ownership interest in a business qualify for the Business Income Deduction? What if the sale is a "deemed asset sale" per IRC 338?How should a part-year resident or nonresident allocate the Business Income Deduction for purposes of calculating their nonresident credit? How should a resident taxpayer account for the Business Income Deduction in calculating their Ohio Resident Credit? How does the Business Income Deduction impact the calculation of school district income tax? What is the impact of the federal Qualified Business Income Deduction (QBID) on my Ohio income tax return?