FAQs - School District: Withholding

How do I register?Do I need to withhold and pay school district taxes based on where an employee lives, works, or both? How do I find out what school districts my employees live in?What if my employee does not know what school district he lives in?We only have one employee living in a taxing school district. Can that employee make estimated payments to cover the tax?Can I withhold a flat percentage for the school district income tax just like a local income tax? Where do I place the school district information on the W-2 and how do I identify it?Do I submit my school district W-2s with my form SD 141 annual reconciliation?How do I report my school district withholding on magnetic media?I received preprinted school district employer withholding forms. I do not have employees affected by this tax. What do I do?An employee told me in June that he lives in a taxing district. Am I required to go back to January and withhold all tax due up to the current payroll?Can I include my school district withholding tax with my Ohio withholding tax on my IT 501 form?Do I need to withhold school district tax for the 401(k) or cafeteria plan?I don't have to withhold Ohio tax from my domestic employee, but I am willing to withhold school district tax. How do I register?My school district withholding for this month is only $1.95. Can I file and remit this quarterly?Our software won't allow us to withhold school district tax. Can the employee take care of it himself? What are the penalties for not withholding or remitting the school district tax?When do I need to register as a school district withholding agent?