FAQs - School District: Income

What should I do if I am a part-year resident of two taxing school districts?

You must file a separate SD 100 return for each taxing school district. Complete Schedule A, starting on line 17 on page 2 of the return for the "traditional" school district's income and placing on line 20 any income earned while you were not a resident of the school district imposing the tax then enter the amount from line 21 onto line 1, page 1, and continue to complete the return.

In the case of the “earned income only” school district(see FAQ#11), complete Schedule B, starting on line 22 on page 2 of the return (using only amounts earned while a resident of the district imposing the tax) and enter the amount from line 25 onto line 1, page 1 and continue to complete the return. 

Form SD 100 is available on our Web site at Tax Forms or by calling our toll-free forms request line at 1-800-282-1782.