Requests for Data

On an annual basis, the Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) asks local governments to complete surveys designed to gather data for several different types of taxes, including property, municipal income, lodging and the distribution of local government funds and public library funds.

The department routinely sends these surveys directly to the local government offices, either by electronic mail or through the United States Postal Service. A listing of all current surveys is available below for ease of reference.

When submitting survey data, electronic media is preferred in the form of a spreadsheet. This ensures accuracy and helps to make the process of publishing more efficient.

Prior to returning the surveys, ODT asks that local officials provide a current e-mail address with the completed document. The department uses this information during data analysis and to cut down on postage costs in the future.

If needed, contact with questions or concerns.

Forms for County Auditors:

Lodging Tax
2014 Lodging Tax Survey (S4CY14CTY)

Property Taxes

  • Homestead Exemption Surveys: Real Property for Tax Year 2014 and Manufactured Home for Tax Year 2015, both reimbursed in Calendar Year 2015 

  • UPDATED Manufactured Home Valuation and Taxes for Tax Year 2016 (MH1CY16)

  • UPDATED Property Conveyance Fees for Tax Year 2015 (PC1CY15)

Tax Certification Form for Municipal and Township Offices: 
Municipal Income, Lodging & Admissions Taxes - Calendar Year 2014