Individual Income Tax

Did you get a 2013 Individual Income Tax or School District Non-Remittance Billing Notice?

This type of bill indicates the Ohio Department of Taxation has not received full payment for your 2013 Ohio individual income tax or school district income tax. The payment was due on 4/15/2014. Any tax paid after that date may be subject to interest and penalties.

We offer interactive notices and a tutorial for each billing notice sent out for individual and school district individual income tax. You can get more information on the billing notice from the Self-Help eLibrary link below and select the appropriate Notice #.

  • Notice 4001 – Individual Income Tax Non-Remittance Billing Notice
  • Notice 7001 – School District Non-Remittance Billing Notice

Self-Help eLibrary

Payment options:

1. Pay Online (electronic check or credit card*)

  • From homepage, click Online Services under Individuals
  • Click Log In to Secure Zone
  • Enter User ID and Password. (If you have not previously registered for this service, click “Register”)
  • Once you are logged into Online Services, you will see a dashboard displaying tax returns on file where you may view your 2013 Ohio tax return information. You may also view previous payments made under the View/Make Payment option on the left menu.

2. Pay by Telephone (credit card only*)

  • Call 1-800-272-9829
  • Select State Taxes (option 2)
  • Enter jurisdiction code 6446
  • Select State of Ohio Individual Income Tax Billing Notice Payment (option 3)
  • Enter Social Security Number and first three letters of last name
  • Enter Notice ID 4001 or 7001
  • Enter Tax Year 2013
*Note: Payments made by electronic check are free. Official Payments Corp provides the credit card service for payments made with a credit card. There is a convenience fee of 2.5% or $1.00 (whichever is greater) for their service. The State of Ohio does not receive any portion of this fee.

3. Pay by Paper Check

  • Write a check for the balance due and include the Ohio Department of Taxation Voucher at the bottom of your notice.
  • Mail your check and voucher to the address listed on the voucher. Ohio Department of Taxation, P.O. Box 182401, Columbus, OH 43218-2401

Failure to pay your Ohio income tax will result in further collection action that may subject you to interest and penalties as prescribed by Ohio law:

  • The interest rate on any unpaid tax due in 2014 is 3%.
  • Late payment penalty is double the interest.
  • The Department of Taxation is not authorized to set up a payment plan.

If you wish to speak with a representative call 1-800-405-4091 or E-mail Us