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Tax Rules: Final: 5703-29

Final Tax Rules - Commercial Activity Tax (CAT)

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Commercial Activity Tax (CAT)

Rule No.


5703-29-02 Application of “common owners” and joint ventures. Effective 3-21-2006
5703-29-03 Sampling.  Effective 12-30-05
5703-29-04 Excluded Person -- Consolidated Elected and Combined Taxpayer Groups.  Effective 12-30-05
5703-29-05 Commercial Activity Tax taxpayers must file and pay electronically.  Last revised 12-02-13
5703-29-06 Transfers of Property Into the State. Effective 12-27-05
5703-29-07 Qualified foreign trade zone area.  Effective 7-13-05
5703-29-08 Request for member of a combined taxpayer group to file separately. Effective 12-30-05
5703-29-09 Option for quarterly taxpayers to make estimated payments.  Effective 3-13-2006
5703-29-10 Nonprofit organizations and contributions.  Effective 6-15-2006
5703-29-11 Commercial activity tax credit for unused franchise tax net operating losses.  Effective 6-15-2006
5703-29-12 Temporary motor fuel exemptions from the commercial activity tax.  Effective 03-05-06
5703-29-13 Commercial activity tax definition of "agent".  Last revised 4-24-08
5703-29-14 Commercial activity tax definition of "cash discounts".  Effective 08-11-06
5703-29-15 Highway transportation services - bright-line presence and situsing.  Effective 08-11-06

Qualified Distribution Center. Effective 09-01-06


Situsing of certain services for purposes of the commercial activity tax. - Effective 12-21-06


Records retention requirements. Effective 12-28-06

5703-29-19 Changes in ownership.  Effective 12-28-06

Situsing receipts from periodic payments for mobile property.  Effective 12-28-06


Pre-income tax trusts, explained with revocation procedures.   Last revised 1-14-08


Explanation of the commercial activity tax credits.  Effective 05-29-08