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Tax Rules: Final: 5703-25

Final Tax Rules - Real Property Tax

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Real Property Tax

Rule No.


5703-25-01 Public notice of any proposed change in rules.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-05 Definitions.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-06 Equalization procedures.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-07 Appraisals.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-08 Procedure prior to actual appraisal.  last revised 11-18-04
5703-25-09 Adoption and use of property records.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-10 Classification of real property and coding of records.  last revised 12-15-05
5703-25-11 Valuation of land.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-12 Valuation of buildings, structures, fixtures and improvements to land.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-13 Review of appraisal.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-14 Documents to be filed in the county auditor's office.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-15 Documents to be filed with the department of taxation.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-16 Procedure after reappraisal or update.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-17 Application of rules.  Effective 12-28-73
5703-25-18 Partial exemption from real property tax.  Effective 12-15-05
5703-25-30 Definitions.   last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-31 General.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-32 Agricultural advisory committee.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-33 Current agricultural use value of land table or tables.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-34 Use of prescribed agricultural use value of land tables by county auditor.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-35 Determination of current agricultural use taxable value of land and total taxable value of parcels in counties that completed sexennial reappraisals for tax year 1972 or later.  last revised 9-18-03 
5703-25-36 Application of rules.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-45 Tax reduction factor; computation; minimum for schools.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-46 Tax reduction factor; certification; composite factor.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-47 Tax reduction factor; allocating taxes collected from each tax levy.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-48 Tax reduction factor; estimated factors; correcting errors.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-49 Tax reduction factor; emergency school levy phase-in.  last revised 9-18-03
5703-25-55 Real estate assessment fund; expenditures; allowable; disallowable; procedures.  last revised 11-18-04
5703-25-56 Real estate assessment fund; competitive bidding requirement.  last revised 11-18-04