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Tax Rules: Final: 5703-7

5703-7-03 - Filing of partnership nonresident partners income tax returns

(A) Any partnership having two or more nonresident partners who derive no taxable income from Ohio other than a distributive share of the partnership income, may file a single return on behalf of such partners.

Such return shall set forth the name, address and social security number of each such partner and shall indicate the distributive share of each partner's income taxable in this state together with the number of exemptions to which each partner is entitled.

The tax due with such return shall be paid by a single check drawn by the partnership.

If any such partners are required to file a declaration of estimated tax as provided by Section 5747.09, Revised Code, such returns and payments may be made by the partnership as provided for the annual return in the preceding three paragraphs.

Such returns shall be filed on or before the fifteenth day of the fourth month following the close of the partnership's fiscal year, or by April 15 if the partnership is on a calendar year basis.

Such returns of a partnership on a fiscal year basis due for a period after December 31, 1971, ending prior to December 31, 1972, shall be required to be filed between January 1, and April 15, 1973.

(B) If the taxable year of a partner is different from that of the partnership, the share of the partnership's income to be reported by the partner shall be based upon the income of the partnership for the taxable year of the partnership ending with or within the partner's taxable year.

Effective: 2-25-72 as TX-47-03

Promulgated under: 5703.14