Frequently Asked Questions

The Ohio Department of Taxation has compiled a list of frequently asked questions covering many different categories.

To view the questions, click on the "Select Category" bar and then click on the category you are interested in.  A list of questions will appear pertaining to that category. Then click on the question you are inquiring about and the answer will appear.

What information do I need to set up My Profile?

If you are not already registered to use Income Tax Online Services such as Ohio ePayments or Ohio I-File, your profile will be derived through the registration process. Select Online Services under the Individuals section on the home page. Then click Register.

  • Confirm Your Identity - You will be required to provide your social security number, last name and date of birth. All of this information must match our records.
  • Provide Security Settings - You will be required to create a User ID, password and answer two security questions.
  • Provide Contact Information - You have the option to provide a daytime phone number, an alternate phone number and an e-mail address. Providing and validating a good e-mail address will provide you with the additional features of Online Services.