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I claimed the new Small Business Investor Income Deduction on Ohio form IT 1040. How will this affect the way I file my School District form SD 100?

This deduction does not apply to the form SD 100 and must be added back when calculating School District Taxable Income for "traditional" school districts.

For a "traditional" school district, when you complete Schedule A on page 2 of form SD 100, place on line 18 the amount from line 41 of Ohio form IT 1040. This is your small business investor income deduction add-back.

For an "earned income only" school district (see FAQ#11), the small business investor income deduction is not subtracted from the amount placed on line 22 and/or 23 on Schedule B on page2 of form SD 100. Therefore, there is no small business investor income deduction add-back.