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I received an employer withholding booklet (preprinted or with labels). I no longer have employees working in Ohio or I don't have employees affected by this tax. What should I do?

To cancel, inactivate or merge your Ohio employer/school district withholding account, you should complete the change of employer status form found inside your Ohio employer/school district withholding coupon booklet and mail it to us. If you do not have this form, you may access the form using the link below:

Change of Employer, Name, Address or Status

Please mail your completed form to the following address:

Ohio Department of Taxation
Taxpayer Services Division
P O Box 182382
Columbus, OH 43218-2382

Your Ohio withholding account will be inactivated if you no longer have employees working in Ohio for whom you are required to withhold tax. If at a later date you again have employees working in Ohio, your withholding account can be reactivated by contacting us either by e-mail, phone (Call_Us) or by mail.