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The Ohio Department of Taxation has compiled a list of frequently asked questions covering many different categories.

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Is Unemployment Compensation taxable to Ohio?

In general, unemployment compensation included in federal adjusted gross income is taxable to Ohio.  For taxable year 2016, the total unemployment compensation paid to you in 2016 and included in federal adjusted gross income is taxable.  

  • Q. I worked in Ohio but I have moved to another state. Is the unemployment compensation paid from Ohio taxable to Ohio?
  • A. No. If you worked in Ohio, but moved to another state and received Ohio unemployment compensation while a resident of another state, unemployment compensation is taxable to the resident state instead of Ohio.
  • Q. I am a Pennsylvania resident and received unemployment compensation from Ohio. How do I report this income?
  • A. If you are a resident of a border state and you received Ohio unemployment compensation, the income is taxable to the border state, not Ohio. You will not be required to file an Ohio income tax return unless you also had Ohio withholding from Ohio wages for the taxable year.  If your employer withheld Ohio income tax, file form IT 1040 and deduct only the Ohio wages using the Nonresident credit on the Ohio Schedule of Credits.  The unemployment compensation must be included in the amount on the Ohio Schedule of Credits.
  • Q. I live in Ohio but I received unemployment compensation from New York. Does Ohio tax this income?
  • A. Yes. If you are a resident of Ohio and you received unemployment compensation from another state, that income is taxable to Ohio. Exception: If the other state requires you to pay tax on the unemployment compensation and you have filed a return with the other state, you may claim a Resident Credit on the Ohio Schedule of Credits. 
  • Q. I moved to Ohio in March 2016 and received unemployment compensation from North Carolina. Is the unemployment compensation taxed by Ohio?
  • A. Yes. If you are a part-year resident, the amount of unemployment compensation you received while a resident of Ohio, regardless of what state the unemployment compensation is from, is taxable to Ohio. You may claim a Nonresident Credit for the portion of unemployment compensation that you received while a resident of the other state on the Ohio Schedule of Credits.