Ohio Tax Alert Archives

Individual Income Tax

 Title  Date Sent
Registration Opens for Municipal Net Profit Tax (PDF) 10/19/2017
New Tax Alert Category for Municipal Net Profit Tax (PDF) 09/22/2017
Filing Extension for Those Impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma (PDF) 09/20/2017
Department of Taxation Seeks Comments on Proposed Rule Changes (PDF) 09/19/2017
Professional Employer Organizations (PDF)   09/07/2017
CP2000 Notice/Unreported Income Billing Program (PDF) 08/28/2017
Emails on 2016 Ohio Individual and School District Income Taxes – Unpaid Balance (PDF) 06/27/2017
Security Summit Alert: New Phishing E-mail Scam Targets Tax Professionals (PDF) 06/26/2017
Personal Income Tax Division Seeks Comments on Proposed Rule Changes (PDF) 06/16/2017
Ohio School District Income Tax Failure to File Notice (PDF) 06/05/2017
Income Tax Filing Deadline is April 18 (PDF) 04/12/2017
Personal Income & Pass-Through Entity Tax: Meaning of “Indirect” Ownership" Introduction (PDF) 03/29/2017
Public Information Session to be Held on CALEA Assessment of ODT's Criminal Investigations Division (PDF) 03/06/2017
Security Summit Alert: Renewed Alert about Phishing E-mail Scam Targeting Payroll or Human Resource Departments (PDF) 01/27/2017
Ohio Income Tax Filing Season Opens on January 23 (PDF) 01/18/2017
Security Summit Alert: New Two-Stage E-mail Scheme Targets Tax Professionals (PDF) 01/12/2017
Employers/Payroll Providers: the filing due date of the IT 3/W-2s has changed to January 31 (PDF) 01/05/2016
OH 2016 Income Tax Forms & Instructions Available Now (PDF) 12/15/2016
Ohio Individual Income Tax Failure to File Notice (PDF) 12/07/2016
Department Seeks Comments on Proposed Rule Changes (PDF) 11/23/2016
IRS Warns Tax Professionals of New e-Services Email Scam (PDF) 11/09/2016
Pass-Through Entity Tax News and Filing Tips (PDF) 11/07/2016
ODT guidance for investors on Corrigan v Testa Ohio Supreme Court ruling (PDF) 10/07/2016
Federal Adjusted Gross Income (FAGI) Billing program(PDF) 09/26/2016
CP2000 Notice / Unreported Income billing program (PDF) 09/07/2016
New IRS warning about phishing e-mail scheme (PDF) 08/15/2016
Ohio’s Tax Commissioner Wants to Hear from You (PDF) 07/26/2016
Tax Scam Alert (PDF) 07/22/2016
Personal Income Tax Division Seeks Comments on Proposed Rule Changes (PDF) 07/01/2016
Emails on 2015 Ohio Individual and School District Income Taxes - Unpaid Balance (PDF) 06/20/2016
Over 1 Million Fewer Taxpayers Asked to Take ID Quiz This Filing Season (PDF) 06/09/2016
Failure to File Tax Return Notices Going Out (PDF) 05/31/2016
Ohio Tax Webinar Coming MAY 18TH(PDF) 04/28/2016
Personal Income Tax Division Seeks Comments on Proposed Rule Changes (PDF) 04/28/2016
IRS Alert for Tax Preparers (PDF) 04/15/2016
Register Now for Tax Webinar (PDF) 01/26/2016
New Year; New Look: Ohio Income Tax Filing Season Opens Today (PDF) 01/19/2016
More than One-Half Billion Dollars in Attempted Tax Theft Stopped by Ohio Department of Taxation (PDF) 12/08/2015
Ohio Individual Income Tax Failure to File Notice (PDF) 12/7/2015
Repeating Popular Tax Webinar on 12/16 (PDF) 11/23/2015
Rejected 2014 Income Tax Returns (HTML) 11/4/2015
Register Now for Tax Webinar (PDF) 10/28/2015
School District Income Tax Reminder (PDF) 10/19/2015
CP2000 Billing Program (PDF) 10/07/2015
FAGI Billing Program (PDF) 10/07/2015
Employer Withholding Advisory (PDF) 07/02/2015 
Ohio Department of Taxation Seeing No Let-up in Fraud Attempts (PDF)  03/18/2015
Ohio’s Fight Against Tax Fraud is Working (PDF)  02/20/2015
Now Accepting 2014 Income Tax Returns (PDF)  01/22/2015
Protective Measures to Curb I.D. Theft Will Impact Taxpayers and Slow Tax Refunds(PDF) 01/13/2015
Filing Deadline for Nov sales and use tax (PDF)  12/15/2014
Employer & School District Withholding Taxes Electronic Filing/Payment Requirement Change (PDF) 11/18/2014 
Free Ohio Dept. of Taxation Webinar (and continuing education credits!) – Save the Date (PDF) 11/13/2014
Tax Refund Delays (PDF) 10/29/2014 
Filing Deadline for September 2014 (PDF) 10/16/2014
Ohio income tax filing extension alert  (PDF) 10/11/2014
Ohio Small Businesses – Don’t Pass Up 50% Off!  (PDF) 9/15/2014
Free Tax Training Webinar Sept. 9 – You’re invited (PDF) 8/14/2014
CSI E-Notification Message 5703-7-20 (PDF) 7/8/2014
2013 Ohio Individual Income and School District Income Taxes - Full payment has not been received (PDF) 6/6/2014
50% Small Business Investor Income Deduction Webinar (PDF) 3/14/2014
Ohio Virtual Tax Academy (PDF) 2/6/2014
Ohio Small Business Tax Deduction (PDF) 1/21/2014
Filing Guidelines for Taxpayers Filing a Joint Federal Income Tax Return With Someone of the Same Gender (PDF) 10/11/2013 
H.B. 59 Changes to Individual Income Tax / Pass-Through Entity Tax  8/1/2013
Restaurants and Other Food Vendors (PDF) 6/20/2013
Governor Kasich Approves Important Tax Law (PDF) 3/25/2013
Ohio Reminds Shoppers of Use Tax Obligation When Purchasing Untaxed Items (PDF) 11/21/2012
Information Releases On Tax Brackets And Personal Exemption For Tax Year 2012 (PDF) 8/6/2012
Department of Taxation issues clarification re: Effective Dates for proposed rule on electronic filing and payment of consumer's use tax (PDF) 7/10/2012
Ohio Tax Amnesty Ends Friday (PDF) 6/14/2012
1099G /1099INT Statement Test (PDF) 5/22/2012
1099G /1099INT Statement is Available (PDF) 5/21/2012
Ohio General Tax Amnesty (PDF) 5/1/2012
Use Tax Amnesty Payment Plan Rule (PDF) 9/15/2011
Hurricane Irene File/Pay Extension (PDF) 9/9/2011
Accreditation assessment team invites public comment (PDF) 8/31/2011
Ohio Department of Taxation Discontinues Mailing Income Tax Booklets (PDF) 8/1/2011
Notice: Taxpayer Service Centers have been closed (PDF) 7/6/2011
Notice - Announcement of Ohio Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (PDF) 12/8/2009
Notice to Practitioners - Draft 2009 Individual Income and School District Income Tax Forms (PDF) 8/7/2009
Notice to Taxpayers - Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) (PDF) 7/27/2009