Ohio Tax Alert Archives


May 8, 2013

The Ohio Department of Taxation has recently enacted the Financial Institution Tax. As part of this new tax, the Department has drafted prospective Ohio administrative code rules, which can be found on the Department’s website at http://www.tax.ohio.gov/legal/rules.aspx or visit www.tax.gov.

The Department welcomes the general public, attorneys, accountants, tax practitioners and others to review these draft administrative code rules, and to respond in writing with your comments and feedback regarding the rules.

Comments and remarks regarding the draft version of the rules should be submitted via email to Robert Koenig of the Department of Taxation at Robert.Koenig@tax.state.oh.us. Comments should be sent by June 7, 2013.
If you have any questions about this, please contact Robert Koenig at (614) 466-1167.