Excise Tax - Motor Fuel

 Date Sent
Motor Fuel Tax Excl Converter tool Now Available (PDF) 11/27/2015
Repeating Popular Tax Webinar on 12/16 (PDF)
International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Filing Deadline Reminder (PDF)
New Account Numbers for Ohio’s Motor Fuel Tax Filers (PDF) 09/29/2015
Department Accepting Electronic Motor Fuel Files for Testing (PDF)
IFTA Tax Alert (PDF)
Excise & Energy Tax Division, Motor Fuel Tax Electronic Filing (PDF)
Excise & Energy Tax Division, International Fuel Tax Agreement Electronic Filing (PDF)  12/19/2014 
Filing Deadline for Nov sales and use tax (PDF)  12/15/2014
Electronic Filling Advisory (PDF) 12/10/2014
Filing Deadline for September 2014 (PDF) 10/16/2014
Motor Fuel Tax Proposed Rule Changes (PDF) 10/14/2014
Free Tax Training Webinar Sept. 9 – You’re invited (PDF) 8/14/2014
Motor Fuel Tax Information Release: XT 2013-03 (PDF) 6/19/2014 
Severance Tax Filing Deadline Reminder (PDF) 4/29/2014
Motor Fuel Tax - Website Update (PDF)
Motor Fuel Tax Information Release: XT 2013-03 - Updated February 2014 (PDF) 2/12/2014
Ohio Virtual Tax Academy (PDF) 2/6/2014
Severance Tax Filing Deadline Reminder  (PDF)

Severance Tax Information Release: SEV 2013-01 (PDF) 1/16/2014
Motor Fuel Tax Information Release: XT 2013-03 (PDF) 12/13/2013
Severance Tax Information Release: SEV 2013-01 (PDF) 7/25/2013
Excise and Energy Tax Division, IFTA is moving June 18, 2013 (PDF) 6/7/2013
Accreditation assessment team invites public comment (PDF) 8/31/2011
Notice to Taxpayers - Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) (PDF) 7/27/2009