Fighting Identity Theft & Income Tax Fraud

If I had to confirm my identity with the Ohio Department of Taxation in filing my 2014 Ohio IT-1040, will I have to confirm my identity again this year when filing my 2015 Ohio IT-1040? I received an Ohio identity confirmation quiz letter, but I DID NOT file an income tax return with the state of Ohio. What should I do?Why is the Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) requiring taxpayers to take an identity confirmation quiz?How does ODT select people to take the quiz? Where does ODT get the information about me for the quiz?How does ODT use this information about me? Why does ODT need to ask me these questions?Can I take the quiz if I've not received an identity verification letter? How does the quiz process work? Can someone other than the taxpayer listed on the letter take the quiz? What information will I need to take the quiz? How many questions do I need to get correct?How will I know which questions I failed?What documentation will I need to provide? What happens if I fail the quiz? Where do I send the additional documentation?Can another identity verification letter be sent to me?What is the turnaround time to receive my refund once I have passed the quiz?How long will the quiz be available?If my computer loses power during the quiz, will I be able to resume the quiz when I get back online?Where do I find the refund amount?What if I have failed both attempts online to take the quiz?Upon logging into the ID quiz, I received a message which states, "Unfortunately, we are unable to offer an identity confirmation quiz to you". Why can't I be offered the quiz and what should I do if I receive this message?