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Distributions - LGF and PLF

Local Government Fund (LGF) and Public Library Fund (PLF)
  • Overview
  • Distribution is due by the 10th of each month.

Village and Township Supplement

Village & Township Distribution Amounts by County

(Please note: February 2017 amounts have changed; amounts will update again in March 2017.)


Current Year Distributions-Fund 7065

Current Year Distributions-Fund 7069 County (LGF to Counties)

Current Year Distributions-Fund 7069 Municipalities (LGF to Municipalities)

March 2015 $10 Million Township Distribution

Prior Years' Distributions

Forecasted Revenue


  • Johnathan Heckert, Revenue Accounting, (614) 752-7409
  • Ernie Massie , Tax Analysis, (614) 466-0694


  1. How do I change my banking information for direct deposit of funds or sign up for direct deposit?